Wednesday, April 27, 2005

More South Africa

Well, I have driven North East from Cape Town through the "Garden Route" through a town called Port Elizabeth where I stayed for a night, then to Coffee Bay in the "Wild Coast" in the Transkei heartland where the Xhosi are from (the ones who click when speaking!). It's the poorest area of SA but the most beautiful. It's where Mandela's tribe is from. I stopped at a nice backpacker hostel right on the ocean and was going to stay one night but ended up staying 3. I learned how to surf which I am now in LOVE with! I'm now in Zululand actually Kwazulu-Natal which is where the HluwHlue/Imfulzi national reserve is.

Yesterday we went on a Safari and were attacked by a herd of Elephants! They had their babies which were SO adorable! It was so cool. I saw a ton of giraffe, lions, buffalo, zebra, baboons(!), etc. Unfortunately, no leopards or cheetahs. ;o( Anyway, today I am in the St. Lucia wetlands searching for hippos and crocs. We did a walking tour but before we left our guide had to warn us that there is in fact the danger of being attacked by elephants, buffalo and hippos which made the trek all the more worthwhile. I realized what a lucky girl I am to have this opportunity. I think this is how people should live their lives. Exploring and adventure. Times likes these I feel my life is most worthwhile. It's actually kinda cold here. Such is winter I guess.

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