Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Driving to South Africa

So Friday I began to drive the 10 hours to Atlanta from Ft. Lauderdale to stay with Rose and catch my flight to South Africa. After driving 30 mins in the wrong direction as in South to Cuba instead of North to Georgia, I decided that was a sign and headed back to Ft. Lauderdale with my tale and my tail between my legs.

Begin day two of my trip to South Africa entirely so far spent NOT in South Africa. Finally, after learning from my mistakes and knowing through experience which direction to head out of Ft. Lauderdale, I made it safely to Atlanta, only to get lost and make Rose come and find me. My trip to South Africa is not starting well at this point. Rose gave me keys to her house as she was going to work and she told me to not open the door to anyone, or talk to anyone, and to park behind the house. As usual, I was like ok Rose whatever you say. I didn't question her at the time because I was too tired. As I was asleep around 10pm in Rose's house of no shades and it was pitch black outside, someone knocked on the door, and knocked, and knocked for I'm not kidding, 30 minutes. I texted Rose and our texts went like this:

Jerri: Someone's knocking on the door. What do I do?
Jerri:It's hard to hide in a house with NO blinds!
Rose: Then freeze...like a statue!
Jerri:Should I be afraid?
Rose:I'll explain later.

So after standing like a statue for an hour and thoroughly freaked out I decided I was going to have to make like a tree and run for my car. When I finally met Rose later after checking into a nice safe hotel she tells me she thought I was joking about someone knocking on the door and there was absolutely no reason why I should be afraid. To make up for it she bought me a beer (knowing full well I don't drink beer) and then promptly in typical Rose fashion drank it herself!

To be continued tomorrow...

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