Sunday, April 10, 2005

Checked out of retirement community, now going to South Africa

Today I checked out of the retirement community (I'm not quite ready to retire) and moved back into Mary's Crew House. Oh, also have a new job but don't start until May 7 where the boat will fly me to Nassau where we'll do a delivery to NYC. So until then, instead of hanging out in Ft. Lauderdale at retirement communities I'm going to South Africa for two weeks. I guess I'll chill out in Cape Town, go to Mandela's jail cell, and head up to Jo'berg and then to Kruger. No set plans yet, as I usually don't have any plans and it usually works out ok. Why ruin a good thing with planning? Oh, but upon my dad's request I guess I'll get some shots and stuff. Just in case I get Malaria which I imagine might suck.

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