Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Moving to a New Country

I think that most people at some point in their life contemplate moving to a new country. But what are the odds that those who consider moving abroad actually take the plunge? Well, I don't know and right now I'm too lazy to google it.

I wonder how many people actually end up staying for a while in their new country and for how long? It's obviously difficult to adjust to living in a new country, so I consider lasting more than a year a sign that you're adjusting well. When I moved to St. Martin, I experienced considerable culture shock. I lasted a year living there and then moved back to the States, but I still visit every year. The comforts I was used to in the States were just too much to give up, even for year round warm weather and a simpler life. I guess for me, it was just too simple. I missed being able to call home without it costing $100 each time for 30 minutes. I missed Barnes and Noble. And I missed Direct Deposit. I know. Weird. Now that I don't live in St. Martin, I miss Pain Au Chocolat, swimming in the ocean and hanging out at the beach before I go to work, and Lady C and Bliss after work (popular bars to the yachtie/tourist crowd).

Every day I think of a new country I want to move to. I think about Australia about every other day, and then I remember how much a round trip tickets costs. I like being back in the States though and having the option to travel somewhere new-even though I haven't had the chance in 6 months. When I would talk to tourists who came to St. Martin they would usually say something like, "You're so lucky that you get to live here. It seems so laid back and peaceful." To which I would respond, "I am fortunate, but life is life no matter where you are. I just like life better here."

Now that I think about it, that was a pretty cheesy thing to say!! But it was true for a little while.


Shane Schaetzel said...

I've always wanted to move to someplace like Germany or one of the Scandinavian countries, but as you pointed out in your post, the culture shock would probably do me in. If I were going to leave, I would probably have to go to another English-speaking country. New Zealand sounds nice! But then, I've always had this thing for the Irish.

I never leave the country without travel medical insurance, and neither should you.

Bruce Smith said...

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(Posted by Mike Bernstein of Bahama Breeze for Bruce and Jan Smith, who are currently at Latitude 9.35 north and Longitude 79.42 west.)