Friday, February 23, 2007

Suggested Reading to Prepare for Travel

I was thinking about all the books I have read about traveling. Then I realized that you lurkers out there might be interested in some books that I have read, own and recommend. I am going to point you to, but if you're an impulsive book buyer like me (then that makes two of us in the entire world) and it tends to get you in trouble, I suggest the library, it's a lot cheaper!

These are just nice little short tales about college kids and young adults who are travling around Europe. Not really an informational guide, but maybe a little inspirational. It's published by lonely planet, my mother ship.

Fantastic starter guide by The Rough Guide for someone planning on doing a first time trip around the world, or not even around the world, but just to a new country. Very informative with traveling tips, planning help, ideas on how to get there, how to manage when you get there and how cope with coming back home. Kind of a "how to do it all" guide.

Another master of all trades guide and a little more grown-up and comprehensive than The Rough Guide and lonely planet. Great tips on how to upgrade your flight tickets and hotel rooms.

This isn't really a travel guide but more of a life journey guide. The book is about a boy seeking his destiny and passion. Good for reading on the airplane or during layovers.

I read this book before I went to Europe for the first time mostly because it was all I could find at the time. World Stompers is more of an introductory book which can go along with your Frommer's or Lonely Planet guidebooks, but probably the only book that lists the world's top ten stoner meccas. It's entertaining and definitely written for college aged, young adults. When I read this book, I read it in my southern California surfer dude accent.

I know there are many other travel books out there, but these are the ones I actually own and recommend. Let me know if you have any other that you think should be on the list. I'm always interested in new books.

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