Monday, July 02, 2007

Send a Child to School in South Africa

If you've read my blog much you know that I was in South Africa a few years ago and fell in love with Coffee Bay. Here are some of my past blogs from the trip:

Surfing in Coffee Bay, Transkei, South Africa

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Letter to dad:South Africa

While I was there I stayed at a backpacker called The Coffee Shack. Not only was the place really comfortable and the people truly friendly, but the the area that The Coffee Shack is located, the Transkei, can be described in no other words except magical. The locals were truly beautiful people. I just loved it there. I honestly didn't want to leave. South Africa is poor, but this area of South Africa is the poorest. I've been thinking for a long time that I wanted to help that area out in some way (Itching to do Something) and now I've found a way.

Coffee Shack has started a scholarship fund for students in the Coffee Bay area to attend senior secondary school. A large percentage of students do not go on to complete their education because there are no secondary schools in the immediate area. The closest school is 20km away. Many of the local families cannot afford to send their children away due to the costs of transport or boarding fees.

Each year Coffee Shack selects one student who will receive a full 3 year scholarship to attend senior school. This scholarship is aimed at the poor and disadvantaged children who would not normally have the chance to attend senior secondary school. The students' background and surrounding circumstances are a deciding factor in the selection process. The scholarship covers annual school fees, uniforms, books, stationery, food and boarding costs amounting to approx R5500 per year.

Here's what I suggest to you dear readers. I'm going to donate at least $100 to the scholarship fund, but I feel that if some of you are interested we can sponsor a student for all three years. I've set up a pay pal account for donations.


All we need is $2343 US dollars. So easy! I suggest that if each reader donates $5 or $10, based on the number of visitors this site receives, we will have enough to sponsor a student within six weeks. What do you think? 100% of the donations will be sent to Coffee Shack's Scholarship fund as soon as we receive $2343. I will keep a permanent post with the total on the page so everyone can track progress. Please donate if you can!


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