Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Back from Japan

After two weeks of living on one bowl of Soba noodles a day I have returned from Japan to Antigua. I have to say that, although Japan is a great country of all the places I've been it's my least favorite. I guess I had to find some country that I didn't love at some point. The people of Japan are quite courteous but I wouldn't go so far as to say they are friendly. Of course, the Japanese are not known for their outgoing nature. I felt like such an outsider. Many people love Japan. Some of the greatest travelers in the world are fascinated with Japan and I feel like I should love it too, but I don't unfortunately.

Japan was incredibly expensive as well. I found ways to live below my means, but it wasn't easy for me I must admit. Usually, I consider myself a savvy traveler but traveling in Japan was not particularly enjoyable for me. Obviously, the difficulty in communication was the biggest factor for me. I still think I would have enjoyed going to India or Thailand better and plan to go still someday. But until then, I have accomplished my goal of 6 continents before I turn 25 and I guess that I can at least be proud of that.

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