Sunday, April 02, 2006

From Antigua to Ft. Lauderdale

From Antigua to Ft. Lauderdale
We left Antigua today for Ft. Lauderdale. Today was supposed to be our day off before we left for FLL on Monday. Big plans to go to the beach today (for the billionth time since we've been here). I'm crushed. Ok not really. I'm sick of Antigua. I've been sick of Antigua since we got here. Nothin doin here. There's always a party here it's true. But it's the same people at every party. It's always the same venue, either Skull Duggery, Mad Mongoose, or Abras. Occasionally, we'll mix things up on Thursday night with Karaoke at The Anchorage or Tuesday at the Leming there's a live band that sucks. But it's still the same people, night after night, after night, and then during the day as well.

Anyway, we left Antigua today and hopefully I'm not leaving my reputation. I have to say, that I was not a good girl in Antigua and I'm not proud of it either! It's just to easy to get drunk and act stupid. Which I did, on a nightly basis. My job isn't rocket science so waking up with a hangover and working the day through won't hurt my on the job performance much.

It should take us about a week to make to Ft. Lauderdale. Civilization! See you then!

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Anonymous said...

I finally looked you up, I chatted with you at the Fort Lauderdale Starbucks, hope you're having a good time!