Saturday, April 21, 2007

Life Span of a Travel Blog

Today I went to check up on one of my favorite travel blogs and the final post said that the author had finished up on his traveling and therefore that was the end of the blog. So, then I realized that this actually happens frequently with travel blogs. The personal journeys of the authors only last for a certain amount of time. Some people blog about their year long around-the-world trip and then when it's over the blog is over. Some people blog about being an expatriate in another country, then eventually they return back to their home country. Very few people, I have noticed, have on-going travel blogs, because at some point people just finally settle down. Andy from seems to be an exception!

I'm trying to figure out how to have a sustainable blog. I travel pretty frequently, but I am afraid my blog is getting stale. I have not even been out of the country in about a year. How sad is that?

What makes a travel blog interesting? I know I like to read about personal stories from travel blogs. Tell me what type of blog you all are reading out there and why? For travel tips? To learn about new adventures and places? What is the point?


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