Saturday, April 21, 2007

Do It While You're Young

Kristina and I "published" our e-book three months ago and surprisingly, some of you out there actually bought it! Just in case you're wondering, it's still available and after we have traveled a few more places over the next year we will be making a second edition!

Do It While You're Young: A Travel Guide for Young Women
is a how-to guide, with a dash of inspirational stories, targeted toward young women looking to travel internationally for the first time whether on a solo journey, study abroad or with other travel buddies. Travel is a life-changing experience and the book is geared specifically for strong, independent women curious to explore the world but are anxious or unaware of how to get started on a wonderful journey.


2.Inspirations for Travel
3.Planning your trip
4.Creative ways to travel
5.Fiscal Planning
6.Booking your flight, hotel, and tours
7.Preparing to depart
9.Once you get there

Excerpt from Chapter 2
Inspirations for Travel

Traveling is liberating. There is a realization when traveling that opportunities are endless, boundaries are breakable, and time is infinite. Why do you want to travel? Do you want to learn new languages, or do you want to meet new people with similar lifestyles and interests or just to prove to yourself that you can? Whatever the reason you must know that traveling, just taking the first step even, will change your life forever. You will leave your comfort zone and venture into an unknown world that will expand your mind, change your perceptions and you will never be the same again. Maybe you will try it, realize it is really not for you, and you will never want to do it again and that’s OK. At least you took the first step. You will never be left with regret or the sense that you didn’t try. Maybe you will fall in love with traveling and never be able to stop. That’s OK, too.

Women around the world leave their comfort zones everyday to explore the world and there is no reason why you shouldn’t, too. We’ve met girls who are biking across the entire continent of Africa to fundraise for cancer organizations, girls who were doing year long round-the-world trips, and girls who were sailing the oceans (solo!) in search for the perfect wave to surf!

What’s stopping you from taking your adventure now? Do you have a boyfriend that you don’t want to leave or who doesn’t want to go with you? Perhaps you don’t feel like you have enough money to travel. That’s no excuse! We’ll show you ways you can finance your trip. Maybe you feel it’s unsafe to travel by yourself. We’ll tell you the best ways to be safe and smart while you’re out there on your own. Kristina and Jerri have both traveled alone before and we’re still here!

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