Monday, June 19, 2006

Martha's Vineyard

For Father's Day weekend we headed over to Marth's Vineyard for a way too short trip. The weather couldn't have been more perfect with warm but breezy sunny days and only a scattering of clouds. I'd never been to the Vineyard before and really had no preconceived ideas of what it was like other than thinking a lot of wealthy and/or famous people vacation there. I didn't see anyone famous that I know of although I wouldn't know anyone famous unless they were pointed out to me but I suspect I saw a lot of wealthy people.

We were anchored outside of Edgartown which seems like a nice little town. We were joined by a few large sailing yachts that I remember seeing down in Antigua and I'm sure are now in Newport, RI. The harbor had some pristine looking beaches with kids out playing in what I imagine is some pretty cold water. There were some really large houses on the beaches but actually not as large as I'm used to seeing. I'm suspecting that this town is the place where most of the vacationers like to go shopping. There were some nice boutique stores out of my price range as usual selling lots of girly things. In fact, if I didn't know better, I might have actually thought I was walking through the streets of St. Barts.

We ended up going to Murdick's Fudge and bought about $50 worth of fudge for us three girls. It was tasty but I'm not a huge fan of fudge so the rest of the crew, who apparently are fans, devoured the sweets in less than a day! Before the night was over we ended up with the rest of the crew at Wharf's Pub for a pint, or two or in some case 7 or 8! Sadly, we had curfew at 10 pm to take the last tender into the boat. If I have the opportunity I would love to go back to the Vineyard and explore a little more around the island. I hear strawberry picking is fun!

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