Saturday, June 10, 2006

Boston: We have arrived!

We got into Boston on May 29th after a week underway from Ft. Lauderdale. The trip up was incredibly smooth and actually pretty pleasant. My roommate and I are way into Scrabble these days so between our watches that we have every six hours we were down in the crew mess playing Scrabble which I lose everytime. Around Cape Hatteras the weather definitely changed. We went from nice warm, tropical weather to there being a slight chill in the air during the day. Then when we arrived in the Cape Cod canal it was all fog straight up into Boston. It cleared up just a little as we were passing under a bridge for me to take some pictures. We saw a man and a woman walking along the waterway pushing a stroller and some kids playing on a playground. It was really gorgeous.

When we arrived in Boston we immediately all got off the boat and kissed the ground! Trapped in small places in the middle of the ocean drives you crazy slowly. Like typical yachties we then went out and got piss drunk! We've only been here a week and it's been raining the entire time. Then the chef got the flu and now we all have it. So even if we wanted to go out here in Boston we couldn't manage to get out of our beds. I had to miss a day of work but it's not like I do anything anyway. Once we get settled into Boston I'll tell you a little more about venues and sites nearby like the IMAX and the aquariam. We'll also be heading to Nantucket pretty soon which I'm super excited about. My roommate and I are also planning some trips to NYC, Provincetown and Newport, RI. So prepare yourself for a jampacked summer!

Boston Harbor

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