Tuesday, February 28, 2006

On getting Island fever

Just heard today that we're going to be in the Caribbean now until mid-April. I'm going crazy here. I need Starbucks! I need Barnes and Noble! Most of all I need my Jeep! I know it's hard to feel sorry for me but I'm not doing anything here in Antigua but getting skin cancer and probably cirrhosis of the liver. Speaking of dying...

One of my friends and I stole a kayak yesterday and tried to kayak out to this island that we could see off in the distance. About a mile and a half out to the island we got into rougher seas than we imagined (ok, the waves were only about 6 inches high) and the boat started taking on water and I had to bail water with my flips flops to no avail! Shortly thereafter, the boat sank with us in it.

No one was around and we had no life jackets, just some oars, our flips flops and my car keys (why did I bring my car keys in the first place?). What would McGyver do? Swim! Then the boat floated back up to the top but it was capsized. So we dragged our stolen boat back a mile and a half in what I only just found out to be heavily shark infested waters! We pulled the boat up on the beach after swimming for an hour and found a huge gash across the bottom of the boat! No wonder the owners had just left the boat on the beach to be stolen! But we learned our lesson: Before stealing anything, always make sure that it doesn't have any holes (unless you're into that sort of thing).

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