Monday, September 04, 2006

Travel Tips

I was thinking today about what I've learned while traveling. Below is a list of things to keep in mind when traveling.

General Travel Tips:

•Make two sets of color copies of your passport, airline tickets, and the front and back sides of your credit cards. Leave one copy with a friend or family member and keep one copy separate from your actual passport and documents. If anything is lost or stolen, you will have the numbers to cancel your credit cards and proof of your airline tickets.

•In our technology-based day in age, you can also scan in the above documents and email them to yourself (as long as you use a web-based email account). You will then be able to access then without using a phone!

•If your passport is stolen or lost, immediately report it to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate. They can assist you in getting a new one. It is also recommended to carry extra passport-sized photos of yourself to expedite the process.

•Be sure to take advantage of airline frequent flier clubs. Not only can you earn free trips but you also are less likely to get bumped from a flight if you are a member of the airline’s club.

•If you are going to be traveling for a decent amount of time and plan on making calls home regularly, consider renting a cell phone. You can have the freedom to make local calls and some plans even allow free incoming calls.

•If you have a detailed itinerary, let friends and family know where you are going to be at all times. You know where you are, but they don’t and that can be stressful.

•If you trust the hotel you are staying at, keep your valuable in the safe in the front office.

•Never put your luggage or any other valuables in the trunk of your car, especially if it is a rental car. Sometimes car rental companies actually burglarize their own cars making more money off what they steal and the insurance to cover the damages, than actually renting the car to you.

•If you are flying in or to notoriously corrupt country, ask the airline you are flying with to wrap your luggage in plastic wrap. No one is getting into your luggage to steal anything without a lot of hassle.


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