Saturday, October 22, 2005

Night out in Boston

Last night Tara, Jason and James and I went out for Jason't birthday and our last Friday night in Boston. The first place we went was The Living Room. I would describe it as a lounge and martini bar. They have every type of martini you can think of and if you invent one they'll make it for you. The apple martinis are good, but I can make them better myself. The bartenders there are gorgeous. One in particular, Mike, could be described as beautiful. After a few rounds at The Living Room we went to Gypsy Bar. The line was two hours long but James having an adorable Australian accent got us in in 2 minutes. Large screen TVs all around the bar had films of sexy runway models on the catwalk and a DJ at the front entrance of the bar played some excellent music. The bar was huge and filled with lots of beautiful people. I was a big fan of the place though. Too crowded, too meat market. Tara and I left early taking a taxi back to the Boston Harbor Hotel but the guys ended up staying out the entire night. We all slept in this morning so we missed the Rowing Reggata on the Charles and the All-American Rejects. Oh well. Last weekend in Boston and I'm nursing a fierce hangover. Well, there's always next year

James, Tara and Jason

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Travel Detox

When I quit my last job after 6 months I was afraid that it would mean that I wouldn't have the chance to go on my Thailand trip planned for January. Well that still holds true, but today it hit me that I won't be up for my vacation days for another 6 months at my new job. That means I will not have traveled to a new country for over a year. Yes, I realize that my job requires travel sometimes to new to me countries but that's work. I want a real vacation. And I need to meet my goal to go to all 7 continents soon.

Today I started dreaming again of all the places I want to go and still haven't been. First of all I still want to go to Asia and Antarctica and once I have been to those places I am allowed my frivalous trips. Which include but are only limited by my imagination.

• I think it would be fun to travel Central and South America by motorcycle. Probably really dangerous too! But I am dying to go to Machu Pichu.
• I want to travel the entire continent of Africa. This will take at least a year to travel the perimeter plus Madagascar. I think I will start in Spain and go down and clockwise. Why? Not really sure why, but why not?
• Then I want to return to Europe and take the Trans-Siberian railway from Moscow.
• Of course I want to sail across the Atlantic and spend a summer in the Mediterranean, preferably Greece and Croatia
• I would love to see the Taj-Mahal
• Budapest and Prague are also cities I would love to see. But as I was doing research on them I noticed that I want to go to every country in Europe. I wonder if that’s possible. OK. I’m up for it.

Where am I going to get the money for this? And who wants to go with me?

Monday, October 17, 2005

Newbury street in Boston

So yesterday as I said in my previous blog Tara and I went to Newbury Street. We mostly just window shopped and took pictures of ourselves. As we were walking down the street we saw a crowd and wanted to know what was going on. Turns out an a cappella group was singing, "Shout" and they were so fun and charismatic! We got some pics and Tara somehow managed to record them with my camera.

Upload videos at Bolt.

Then we wandered to the Armani Cafe in the Armani store and had the best french fries of our lives! We decided to bring them home to Syd (the boat's chef) so he'll make fries like that for us. But we forgot. Accidentally eating them before we could show Syd.

Thinking about Syd we called him to find out what he was doing and if he would meet up with us. He was already headed over to see some friends play at a little bar so we took the subway to meet him. He brought with him Owen Plant who is an incredible musician that opened for the band we were about to see in Tucson AZ. The band playing was called Ryanhood and was made up of two very talended guitarists. I would recommend anyone to listen and buy their CDs. I did and am now a fan. You can go to

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Kristina is coming to Miami

My friend Kristina from Cali (aka ubercool travel girl) is coming to visit me in Miami Dec 2-4. I haven't seen her since she came to visit me in Dallas November 2003. We met in Australia way back in 2002 when we were studying Biology in the Daintree rainforest and spent all our time searching for didgeridoos in the trees. Turns out that didgeridoos are not animals but in fact musical instruments. So after we couldn't find those we searched for Australian boys, but never found one of those either. As I recall, Kristina did in fact find a boy in Sydney but he was English. Then when she came to see me in Dallas we searched for cowboys at the rodeo. I think that the rodeo turned her off to cowboys, Texas country (we saw Pat Green in concert) and BBQ and on to animal rights however. This time I'm sure when she visits Miami our goals will be the same, get drunk and search for boys!