Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New Year's Resolution 2007

Here were my resolutions and accomplishments I wrote last year

2005 accomplishments
• Backpacked alone across South Africa including surfing for the first time!
• Drove from Texas to Miami in 2 days
• Drove from New York through the Appalachians to Atlanta then Ft. Lauderdale
• Went to St. Kitts, Nevis, all the USVI and BVI
• Spent an entire summer in The Hamptons in New York and New York City
• Spent a month in Boston
• Went on a Safari and was chased by elephants
• Started doing yoga classes in NYC

Things I didn’t accomplish

• I didn’t start a new travel business
• I didn’t run a marathon, 10k, or even a 5k
• I didn’t return back to Texas
• I didn’t see anyone in my family for an entire year
• I didn’t go back to school for my MBA
• I didn’t lose (or gain) weight
• I didn’t go to church
• I didn’t go to medical school

Things I want to do in 2006

• Take yoga classes in Thailand, kayak in Antarctica, and hike across New Zealand
• Visit all my friends on the West Coast
• Visit all my friends back in Texas
• My first triathlon
• Ride a bike across Africa
• Sail across the Atlantic

And here's what happened:

2006 accomplishments

•Reached my 6th continent before I turned 25
•Started my travel business
•Returned back to Texas
•Saw my family for the first time in 2 years
•Drove from Boston to Miami to New Orleans to Houston
•Saw Madonna in concert
•Saw Dave Matthews in concert at Fenway
•Went to Cape Cod and Nantucket
•Went to Tokyo and Kyoto
•Got a little better at my Spanish
•Rode the bullet train
•Spent a lot of time in Antigua and St. Thomas (added some new islands to my list)
•Spent 4 months in Boston
•Bought a surfboard
•Moved into an awesome loft in downtown Houston

Things I didn’t accomplish

•I didn’t hike New Zealand, bike across Africa, sail across the Atlantic, or kayak Antarctica
•I didn’t gain or lose weight
•I didn’t visit any friends on the west coast
•I didn’t run any races, in fact, I stopped running altogether

Things I want to do in 2007

•Take flying lessons
•Kayak Antarctica
•Start running again
•Buy a house
•Move back to somewhere with a beach (that’s not the Gulf of Mexico-unless it’s in Mexico)

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