Sunday, November 05, 2006

Working Your Way Around The World

Other resourceful ideas for making money and working your way around the world.
1. Fruit picking in New Zealand
2. Scuba instructor in Australia
3. Bartending at an Irish Pub in Europe
4. Working on a private or charter yacht in the Mediterranean or Caribbean
5. Building websites for local companies anywhere in the world
6. Managing a hostel anywhere
7. Au Pair in Switzerland
8. Travel writing for magazine or travel guides like Lonely Planet
9. If you play an instrument play for money on the street or in parks
10. Writing and publishing local guidebooks or newspapers, make money through ads.
11. Or start your own business…(Remember: Think Globally, Act Locally!)

My plan is to start a Tex-Mex restaurant in J-Bay. A little piece of home in paradise! OK, I'm not really planning this. You can steal this idea if you want!


Chris said...


great site and a lot of useful tips. If one wants to work to earn some travel money and for continued adventures, you have the chance almost everywhere.

And it's not only the work that nobody likes. I think you can learn and take something out of almost anything. Besides, if you can survive from it, then there is nothing wrong with it, right?

Still better than the usual 9-5 office job somewhere back home....




K. said...

You can really make some good $$$ playing an instrument on the street. Especially if you look really young. lol And how convenient and fun is THAT?