Wednesday, August 23, 2006

If only knew how often I've visited their website for ideas and news. Now, today, turns out they've actually looked at mine. And, amazingly, even liked it! It's like finding out your favorite celebrity already knows who you are. Like Madonna telling me she thinks I am cool! That's how I feel about having an article about my blog on Anyway, aside from checking out the fabulous things Pia had to say about this blog, go there for all the other interesting articles, hostel bookings and travel forums. Here's what Pia wrote:

"Travel blogs are springing up left right and centre – backpackers telling their story as it happens, from the road.

We think they’re great and we’re always looking for particularly good ones to feature in our ‘cool travel blogs’ category.

When I saw the heading: One Girl, Her Backpack And A Passion For Travel, I was pretty sure it was going to be just up my alley.

Catchy titles are like that.Turns out I was right. The author of this cool travel blog, Jerri Stephenson, from Boston, Massachusetts, has been travelling for some time now, making money as she goes:

‘I’m truly living out of a bag. I have no physical address to call home and never thought my life would come to this.’

She has just started making podcasts about her adventures, and is planning an epic trip to Antarctica early next year. Check it out. You go, girl!"


Chandrachud said...

Hello Jerri, I found your podcast on the iTunes podcast directory.. I just listened to Episode 1 and liked it quite a bit.. I could identify very much with what u were saying about being a student in Europe and travelling cos I did exactly that last year.. I wrote a travel journal then over here: Do check it out sometime.. and keep the podcasts coming.. I am looking forward to them..

- Chan

p.s: Where's Episode #2?

Val said...

Girl, you are so freakin' cool!!!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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