Sunday, June 01, 2003

Letters from Barcelona III

Hey Carmen Sandiego(That's my new nickname for you because it sounds Spanish and because she is all over the freakin globe). How are things? So, going to Milano...lucky! I was watching the Amazing Race on TV yesterday(it wasn't actually yesterday, it was three
days ago, but you won't know the difference because you are living with Euro trash who don't get American stations)...the groups started in Milan and there were at some huge indoor shopping place that looked like a train looks pretty cool, you should check it out. And then Switzerland...what the freak? Are you going skiing or something? You know people all over the place the hook ups! Sorry about your relegation to the beginners class, that sucks. But now you can make fun of all the "beginnners" since
your skills are far superior to theirs now that you have taken the pre-intermediate. You can laugh at them and taunt them when that answer questions wrong.
If you do well enough in the beginners that might bump you up to super-expert class and you debate in Spanis and stuff...ja oder nein? Sorry this is one big paragraph, for some reason I can't push the return button so it just keeps typing like so. I guess I'll end for now since I don't want your eyes getting tired. Talk to ya soon...have fun in Milan, or wait Switzerland, or wherever you are going!

Hey Chris!

It's been a while since I have had the chance to email you. How's everything going with you? I got back from Italy and Switzerland on Sunday. Switzerland, the little part I saw, was gorgeous. I would live
there maybe if I knew French or German or Italian or that other language they speak. Alas, I know nothing. I have started speaking Spanglish. Where, when I need to speak in English is has a Spanish accent! AHAHAHAHA. It's really funny. I crack myself up. Next time I talk to wherever you may be, I'll speak some Spanglish to you.

Anyway, I'm SOOOO ready to come home. I miss not having to worry about not being able to talk to people. I went to la playa yesterday. That is the beach for all the lay people. My arms are so
so dark that If you just look at them I fit in with all the Spanish. But if you look at anything else such as my face it's white, white white. Kinda strange I spose. Well, Chris, I hope life is good with you. You're right about the Euro trash no one is better than us so called "Americans." Or would the poliically correct term be United Statesians.




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