Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Letters from Barcelona

So I have finally gotten the courage to go into places and order food and I even went into a papeleria (paper store) and bought a notebook the other day. The woman asked me how much they were en espanol and I said Cuatro. I was right!! My class sucks. See, I took cuatros anos in high school of espanol so I thought that made me pre-intermediate. Turns out I¿m not even close to that. So in my class everyone is talking to each other in Spanish and I have no idea what is going on. And then my profesore gave us homework and I did some of it right but most of it wrong. AHHH! What¿s worse is that all these people speak like 20 languages already and they are all my age. Anyway, I don¿t have anyone to go out with at night so I¿m kinda bored. So during the day I walk around Barcelona and spend most of my time being lost! Honestly! But then I found this place called San Fransico¿s Burrito Bar
and went in. It was REALLY good. I had a jamon buritto. I have finally deduced that my roommate is in fact a lesbian not by my own conjectures but I found a postcard to her from this woman named Kathy that she always talks about saying she couldn¿t wait to see her naked and they could play in the bathroom I mean
bedroom. Anyway, I¿m feeling a little more comfortable here but I still miss everyone and wish I could meet some people here other than the Nigerian bloke who keeps calling me! Anyway, I have no way of finding new friends other than in my class and they
are all weird scary people from places like Turkey and Sweden and one really holey guy from London. (He has like doscientos piercings and tattoos. (Doscientos=200! I¿m so smart!)

Oh yes, once again I only talk about myself to you. What did you do while you were in Canada? Did you go by yourself? Did you seen any moose? Where are you going to end up finally and last but not least. How are you surviving without a job? Are you going to come visit me when I live in Dallas? Well I need to go now and go out into Barcelona where I will surely get lost as usual! I miss ya Chris, and will hopefully see you soon.



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