Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Edible Adventures

Last night I was watching the Travel Channel-seriously what else would I be watching?-and Edible Adventures came on before Bourdain. So, I'm interested because it's about Costa Rica and I wanted to see if they were going to the Nicoya Pennisula. Maybe I missed that part, but the host, Stephen Brooks, was super entertaining and interesting. I loved watching how to make goat cheese and the whole process of harvesting coffee beans and how he made chocolate cake starting with cacao beans.

The show was so interesting. I'm sure it's coming on again sometime on the Travel Channel. You can also check out the website for the company Kopali Organics co-founded by Brooks.

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Wanderlusting said...

mmmm edible adventures. I'm heartbroken that I don't have the Travel Channel. But I guess it's good cuz all it makes me wanna do is pack up and go.

And eat.