Thursday, May 29, 2003

Letters from Barcelona pt II

Dear Jerri, Hola(I was going to try and write this email in
Spanish, but as you can see I didn't get very far), how are things in Barthelona? I don't know if you watch MTV over there, but the new Real World is in Paris, not that you are in Paris, but it is still in
Europe. Glad to hear you finally had the courage to venture into a restaurant...I bet you were starving. Well, nothing much new here. I have been emailing random people from the past and seeing what there are up to...kind of fun. I am thinking about heading to Virginia in a week or so. I am not looking forward to the trip at all. Have you taken any long distance excursions yet or are you going to stay in the immediate vicinity? What about the beach, been there's probably pretty nice this time of year.

So, when are you moving to Dallas or Austin? What will you be doing? To answer your question I am surviving without a job by not eating. It works out pretty good. Naw I have two more checks coming in from ACU and that should cover my gas and expenses to
Virginia, other than that I haven't bought anything since I can remember and my sister has been nice enough to cook and lodge me for free...that's what family is for I guess. When I get to Virginia, I will give my mom the rest of the money I have so I am not quite such a burden on her and will find some crap job for the summer before I leave.

Well, tell me more about your exploits...they are very interesting. Tell the Nigerian spies I said hello, and that Uncle Sam is watching them very closely.
Take safe!


Hey Chris

Barthelona is at best ok. I'm not a big fan of it really. I can't really tell you why other than perhaps they don't speak English and I am ethnocentric and hate anyone who doesn't talk like me. That's why I go to places like Canada (the non-french part),England and Australia (I don't count Scotland because I can't understand them)

Real World is in Paris? That's awesome. I can't wait to get home and watch it! Chris, why aren't you using your degree and getting a job in that field to stop all evil and corruption as good ACU students do? Maybe you should not go to Virginia but rather Um
let's see...BARCELONA! Yes. Friday I am leaving for Milan to visit a friend that I have there and we're going to go up to Switzerland. YEA!

My latest exploits are as follows:
I was in a pre-intermediate class for Spanish and we change levels at the end of the week. Everyone else moved up to intermediate, but do you know where my profesora moved me? To the Beginners class!!! Which is four weeks behind the one I am in now. I am THAT
bad at espa¿ol. It was really embarrasing because she told everyone in class where we were going then I came last and she was like, Herri, you are impossible. Not really, but I've been pissed about it all day. So, back to the starting line. HAHA

Then lets see...what else. I had a Spanish lady ask me a question the other day...¿Cual es proxima? I said Sant Cugat and I was RIGHT! We were on the Subway and she wanted to know the next station. I thought that made me fluent but appearantly not according to my
profesora. Hmm, and then I saw a woman walking the other day with squeky shoes. It made me laugh. And I have ventured out to eating cereal and pan d'medio. Which I hope just means bread. Other than that, not much is going on. Hey, I hear Americans talking beside me! Should I say hello? Another interesting
thing, tonight there is going to be a demonstration against America and a month long boycott of American things like Coca Cola and other stuff. I'm thinking about joining.

Well, tell your family hola for me and give them
Spanish kisses. I'll let you figure out what that is.

Hasta Luego


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